Step 2: Reimagine Course Structure and Delivery

Look at the existing course syllabus, reviewing it in terms of the variables shared in the document Considering a Blended Learning Continuum.

    • Consider how to organize the course topics along the continuum of fully synchronous to fully asynchronous learning.  Think about fully synchronous learning as fairly time intensive and “precious.”
    • Consider which concepts “fit” best along that continuum and amongst those variables. In thinking through this process, you are engaging in what is typically called chunking content and preparing for blended delivery.  Chunking is a form of organizing and sorting content amongst the delivery variables.

Download the Learning Design Template. This is a tool that will help with re-imagining the flow and sequence of the course.  This step is best done outside of the Canvas course shell to allow for making edits, using Word Processing tools, and generally mapping the flow and learning experiences in the way most suitable for the course.  For an example of what the template might look like once it’s been completed, please see this example from the University of Saskatchewan (University of Saskatchewan, 2020).

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