Student Academic Success

Students from the local community, across the region, and around the world choose UBC’s Okanagan campus for its unique learning environment. It is a place where students contribute to research alongside their professors, and other students, and the community engage in shared and mutually beneficial learning experiences.

The Office of the Provost is committed to delivering on UBC’s strategic plan: Shaping UBC’s Next Century through initiatives that enhance the student academic experience.



Student Learning Hub

The Student Learning Hub, which opened in September 2019, streamlined undergraduate student access to academic supports in order to enhance the learning experience. It inspires students to succeed through quality, peer-supported learning programs, including support for writing, languages, math, science, and the Supplemental Learning program. This project unifies the services in a single high-profile location in order to remove boundaries and provide seamless access for students. This project specifically addresses Strategy 15: Student Experience, as well as Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces.

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Student Academic Success Committee

This committee brings together Associate Deans, Directors, and Senior Managers to discuss best practices, challenges, and opportunities to enhance our students’ academic experiences at UBC Okanagan.

Susan Allan Associate Director, International Student Initiative
Professor Yang Cao Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies, School of Engineering
Kristi Carter Interim Undergraduate Academic Lead, Management
Professor Tanya Forneris Associate Director, School of Health and Exercise
Professor Trudy Kavanagh Associate Dean, U/G Recruitment, Services and Success, IKBSAS
Michelle Lowton Director, Student Development and Advising
Margaret MacIntyre-Latta Interim Director, Okanagan School of Education
Professor Bernard Momer Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum, IKBSAS
Laura Prada Manager, Academic Initiatives, Provost Office
Manuela Reekie Assistant Director, School of Nursing
Scott Reid Special Advisory to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Recruitment, Services, and Success
Paul Shipley Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Jordan Stouck Associate Dean, FCCS
Fred Vogt Deputy Registrar, Enrolment Services