UBC Okanagan is a close-knit environment that values the open exchange of ideas and dialogue across disciplines.

Deans’ Council & Faculties and Schools

Learn about the Deans’ Council which advises the Provost and the Faculties and Schools that the Provost oversees.

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UBC Okanagan conducts periodic external reviews of Faculties and academic units in order to continuously improve academic excellence and promote accountability and transparency across the university.


Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is the freedom to pursue fruitful avenues of inquiry, to teach and learn unhindered. UBC’s Academic Calendar contains the current Senate-approved (1976) statement on academic freedom, outlining the positive obligations of the university, and all its members, to promote and protect this central freedom of the academy.

The Senior Advisor to the Provost, Academic Freedom, works to advance the centrality of academic freedom to our various missions, and develop educational materials for the university community in the support and protection of academic freedom, reporting to the Provosts on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

More information and FAQs are located here.

Guidance for ongoing collegial discussions

UBC scholars enjoy academic freedom which entitles them to engage in full and unrestricted consideration of any opinion within the law. UBC encourages an environment where ideas and perspectives can coexist freely in a reasoned, collegial and respectful manner.

The University has posted a set of guidance for ongoing collegial discussions – please see the document at academic.ubc.ca/academic-freedom/guidance-ongoing-collegial-discussions.

Learn about UBC academic governance: UBC Okanagan Senate