Associate Provosts

Associate Provosts bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Provost’s Office.  Under the direction of the Provost, they apply this information in their area of expertise to spearhead initiatives and provide the necessary administrative supports to ensure the initiatives thrive.

Associate Provost, Learning Services

Heather Berringer

The Associate Provost, Learning Services, provides leadership in the planning, development, and coordination of an integrated vision for learning services for UBC’s Okanagan campus. This involves harnessing synergies between different campus entities such as the Library, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Makerspace UBCO, and other student learning supports.

This position is currently filled by Heather Berringer, who also serves as the Okanagan Campus’ Chief Librarian, a role she assumed in 2014. Since that time, Heather has led the development of new programs, spaces, and innovative partnerships that have significantly enhanced the learning experience at UBC Okanagan and established the Library as a thriving nexus of scholarly engagement for faculty and researchers.


Associate Provost, Strategy

Michael Burgess

The Associate Provost, Strategy, provides leadership for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to advance academic innovation. This role works in accordance with UBC’s Strategic Plan Shaping the Next Century and Outlook 2040;

  • to help foster an institution-wide climate of academic innovation, in particular, interdisciplinary
  • to oversee the development, evaluation, and review of relevant programs
  • to help develop processes of shared governance to ensure the timely implementation of new academic initiatives.

In addition to his role in the Provost’s office, Burgess is the Chair in Biomedical Ethics at UBC’s W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics. His currently funded research includes deliberation on the use of big data in health, cancer care funding decisions, animal welfare and food policy in Norway, and the release of gene-edited organisms into the environment. He is also working on projects involving the governance of remote and Indigenous biobanks and on an SSHRC funded project on concepts of diversity and inclusiveness.


Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning

Brad Wuetherick

The Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning provides strategic leadership, vision and coordination for the teaching and learning mission at UBC Okanagan. Working with faculty, students, staff, academic leaders and other relevant partners, the Associate Provost, will lead in seven broad areas:

  • program development, redesign and quality control;
  • development of educational pathways and collaborations;
  • student success; oversight of center for teaching and learning;
  • educational leadership;
  • online learning; and lifelong learning.

An overarching focus of the portfolio is to find strategies to create an inclusive, anti-racist teaching and learning environment at UBC Okanagan. The position presents a bold opportunity to foster education as a transformative medium oriented towards individual/collective growth and well-being.  This position is filled by Brad Wuetherick, who joined the campus on May 1, 2021.