Academic Integrity

Campus Priorities

Teaching and learning with honesty and integrity requires ongoing engagement with all members of our campus community. In 2021, an Academic Integrity Working Group was struck by the Okanagan campus Provost and Vice-President. This group identified three key campus academic integrity priorities, each of which has specific actions slated for implementation during the 2021/22 academic year. This work will be supported by a newly formed Academic Integrity Advisory Group made up of faculty, staff and student members.

Organizational strategy and data collection

Evaluate and update relevant academic integrity regulations and processes, and develop and implement campus-wide initiatives to support them.

Training and education

Create, implement, support and evaluate strategies to train and educate students, faculty and administrators, with the goal of enhancing a shared vision for a culture of academic integrity across UBC.

Curriculum and teaching technologies

Build opportunities to further teach and reinforce best practices related to academic integrity into curriculum and teaching practices.

Policies & Processes

Discipline for Academic Misconduct regulations can be found in the Academic CalendarAll faculty members in charge of misconduct cases at UBC Okanagan must report them to by including the email address in the cc: line when communicating with the student (e.g., sending a reprimand letter, final follow-up email). Faculty are encouraged to report all suspicions of academic misconduct to the Dean’s Office per the UBC Okanagan process.

Dean’s Offices and faculty members in charge of misconduct cases are encouraged to contact the Office of the Provost at when investigating a case, to identify second offenders. 

PACSD Resources

PACSD Flowchart

PACSD Case Checklist

PACSD Contacts 


Online Exam Invigilation Support

Learning Services offers support for the invigilation of online exams. Invigilators are graduate students who have been hired and trained to work with faculty to invigilate according to UBC policies, procedures and guidelines. This program is centrally funded and coordinated in partnership with the Centre for Teaching and Learning. It is intended to provide supplemental support in cases where instructors do not have enough TAs to adequately supervise online invigilation.

Invigilators are available to support the online invigilation of midterm and final exams and can be scheduled for the exam period as well as any required planning meetings and early check-ins, and/or post-exam follow-up.

For Term 1 2021, invigilators are available to be scheduled between October 5 and December 22. Please note: we have a limited number of invigilators and may not be able to accommodate all requests. This program is designed to supplement and not replace existing TA support.

Schedule Invigilation Support

For questions about invigilation or to discuss your needs in more detail, please contact The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides guidelines for setting up and monitoring online exams. Please contact

Additional Resources

Get Involved

For more information or to share feedback contact Laura Prada, Senior Manager, Academic Integrity and Initiatives