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In December 2021, UBC Okanagan underwent its first Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA) external review. The extensive review process saw our campus welcome the QAPA external review panel for a virtual site visit at which they conducted interviews with UBC Okanagan’s diverse campus community. Through the recommendations and affirmations noted by the panel, we look forward to implementing and updating policies and procedures that will support our continued dedication to creating a thriving teaching, learning and research community at UBC Okanagan.

Key areas of improvement:

    1. Develop a strategy to measure student learning and the achievement of program learning
    2. Develop a community outreach strategy to support program design and re-design.
    3. Engage with the community to explore “Students as Partners” in teaching and learning.
    4. Develop data sets for program reviews with emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion.

Download UBC Okanagan’s 2021 QAPA Report

Taking Action

To implement improvements identified in the QAPA audit, the Office of the Provost is launching three new working groups that will delve into key areas to support academic planning and evaluation at UBC Okanagan. We welcome expressions of interest to join any of the three working groups. Click the button below and indicate which working group(s) you are most interested in joining and why in your response.

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Working Group 1

Chair: Bernard Momer

Develop a strategy to measure student learning and the achievement of program learning outcomes.

Working Group 2

Chair: Allison Hargreaves
Co-chair: Kelly Fosbery 

Develop a community outreach strategy for the creation (or re-design) of programs as well as external reviews.

Working Group 3

Chair: Sandy Hilton

Explore “students as partners” in teaching, learning, and quality assurance.

About the Audit Process

This process was developed by the Degree Quality Assessment Board’s (DQAB) Quality Assurance Audit Committee and seeks to ensure that public post-secondary institutions periodically conduct rigorous, ongoing program and institutional quality assessments. All public institutions in British Columbia participate in a QAPA external review once every seven years.

QAPA Resources:


Laura Prada
Senior Manager, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning

Brad Wuetherick
Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning

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