Learning Design Intern Program: A Companion Site

Welcome to the Leaning Design Intern Companion site, a resource created and updated to document and share the overall approach and content used to support the training and professional development of graduate students engaged in UBC Okanagan’s Learning Design Intern (LDI) Program.

The LDI Program provides graduate students with intensive training in the fundamentals of learning design in the context of blended learning (see below for a definition), followed by a work experience in which they support faculty members adapting their courses for blended delivery in advance of the 2020 Winter Term. As outlined in Table 1, the LDIs receive ongoing training and mentorship throughout their work experience.



In response to requests from faculty members and in the spirit of sharing, this site outlines the overall approach and includes key content used in the training program developed for the initial rollout of the LDI Program. The material in this site follows the general flow of how LDIs were taught to engage with faculty, with notes, handouts and resource links as appropriate.



The process for redesigning in-person courses to Blended Learning consists of three main steps:

This site embraces the UBC Okanagan Campus “Guiding Principles and Implications for Fall 2020 Course Adaptations“.



Get started with Step 1 of Learning Design.