Step 1.5: Selecting Technologies for Learning

In Step 2.1: Chunking Your Course and Step 3.3: Assessment Issues, we consider what the students are doing to make meaning from the content we are sharing.  Please note that not all students have access to high-speed internet or to a computer that meets the systems requirements of our courses: Access to technology varies. This concern will be addressed in Assessment Issues.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy: Bloom's Taxonomy applied to digital activities.

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Infographic credit: Ron Caranza. Shared with the permission of Arizona State University’s Teach Online website.

Chunking a Course explores the retention concerns inherent in common learning experiences.

Assessment Issues shares suggestions for asking good questions and positions those question types and prompts within the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Please explore Obiagali Sneed’s article (2016) on the Arizona State University Teach Online website for suggestions of how students might use various teachings to demonstrate their learning.

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