Step 1.3: The Role of Time

100% Synchronous –  everyone is expected to be in the same virtual space at the same time to do something together (i.e., same classroom, via Zoom, etc.)

100% Asynchronous – Interactions are conducted anytime (i.e., students choose when to complete tasks, typically within an allowed window of days).

Asynchronous activities may offer the most flexibility and convenience (depending on deadlines); synchronous activities may more easily build community (depending on the activity).

Blended Learning – Interactions are a blend of synchronous and asynchronous based on good practice (i.e., 60% synchronous lectures supported by 40% online asynchronous group discussion in CANVAS using discussion posts).  The blend can be any combination / percentage of asynchronous / synchronous learning.  As the instructor, you design for and plan time, content, instructional approaches, delivery, etc.


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