Table 1: Learning Design Intern (LDI) Program Components

Managed and Maintained by Cindy Bourne, Coordinator, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant Programs
LDI Workshops LDI Seminars Blended Learning Companion Website
Description Immersive learning experience for graduate students who will ultimately serve as Learning Design Interns (LDIs) Just-in-time topical support for LDIs as they begin to work with their Faculty Course Authors Companion guide to the LDI Workshop Overview
Purpose / Audience Preparing graduate students to assist faculty in preparing their courses for BL Technical and pedagogical supports as needed and as they arise from the initial work Support for Faculty and LDIs as they prepare their courses for BL
  • 5-day workshop
  • Seminar series
  • Handouts
  • Demonstration of and tips for working with your faculty course author
  • Revisiting and revising your LDI templates
  • Getting the most out of Canvas
  • Handouts from the seminars
An Introduction to Blended Learning in 3 Steps:

  1. Become Familiar with Blended Learning
  2. Reimagine Course Structure and Delivery
  3. Consider the Learner and Learning
  • Handouts
  • Templates
  • Curated web links
  • LDI Instructor / Project Manager: Cindy Bourne
  • LD Interns: 22 graduate students
  • LDI Instructor / Project Manager: Cindy Bourne
  • Graphic / web designer