Experiential Learning

Transformative learning is an integral part of the overall UBC Okanagan experience. This has been clearly documented for us in 2014 Aspire Vision, UBC’s Strategic Plan (Shaping UBC’s Next Century) and in the Outlook 2040 document. Transformative learning is supported by leveraging multiple pedagogical approaches such as interdisciplinary education, flexible learning, practical learning and experiential learning (EL).


Experiential Learning Task Force

The Experiential Learning Task Force, led by the Provost’s office in collaboration with AVP Students, was created to better understand the forms of EL that are being offered at the UBC Okanagan campus, identify current challenges, and make recommendations regarding how to best support EL. Following their initial consultation, the Task Force’s findings can be found in the full report available below.

The EL Task Force Report identifies five next steps.


  1. Create a digital resource to showcase Experiential Learning at UBCO from the students’ perspective
  2. Work with the Student Academic Success Committee to gain Senate’s approval of the first paragraph of the EL definition used to date by the Task Force, along with a typology for UBC Okanagan
  3. Upon Senate’s approval of the EL definition and typology, the Task Force will engage with AVP Students to create a proposal for a co-curricular/comprehensive learning record
  4. Create a comprehensive list of already existing EL opportunities at UBCO to help students navigate and choose the opportunities that best fit their career/personal goals.
  5. Work with an academic program to identify EL opportunities available for students throughout the curriculum. This project can serve as an example for other academic programs who wish to compile and share EL-related information with students, faculty and staff.