Teaching Excellence & Innovation Awards

This award acknowledges teaching excellence and innovation at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The successful award winner(s) will be exemplary role models who have and will continue to have a significant impact on the culture of teaching and learning on the Okanagan campus, and beyond.

Award Criteria

Candidates will have engaged in a combination of three of the following pillars of teaching, and will have demonstrated evidence of excellence and innovation of significant impact in at least one of the first four pillars.

  1. Delivery: Activities to facilitate and support learning
    Time spent with learners inside or outside the classroom, directly observable by the learners.
  2. Design: Course and/or program design
    Activities and interventions, modules, programs or curricula which are generally not observable by learners.
  3. Dissemination: Scholarship of Teaching
    Making public the processes and outcomes of reflective, experimentation, inquiry and evaluation of teaching.
  4. Community: Community engagement
    Engagement with the community at the local, regional, national or international level resulting in a significant impact.
  5. Development: Scholarly reflection and enhancement
    Demonstrated engagement to understand, reflect on and modify one’s attitudes towards teaching.

The call for nominations is now closed!

Awards Terms

Nominations close: Notification of Intent to Nominate Form due at nominee’s Dean’s Office December 3
Dean advises nominees of their nomination January 5
Nominator submits relevant documents to the nominee’s Dean January 14
Nominee submits relevant documents to their Dean                        January 14
Dean’s office submits compiled nomination packages to Office of the Provost January 24
Presentation of awards at Awards Reception TBA
Recognition of award recipients at Convocation June

Awards consist of a cash prize of $2,000.00 each. In any one year, however, the adjudication committee may advise the Provost that only one award be given. A faculty member may win the award once only during the course of their career.

A master plaque listing the names of award recipients will be displayed in a prominent place on campus. The recipients will be honoured formally at Convocation.

Beginning in 2021/22, there are two nomination categories. Up to two awards are available for any faculty member with a continuing appointment, either tenured or tenure-track. One award is available for instructors holding full-time or part-time limited-term appointments.

Faculty members, deans, unit heads, field supervisors, alumni and students will be invited to submit nominations. Faculty members may not apply for the award on their own behalf, although they may provide documentation in their own words as to why they feel they are deserving of the award.

Unsuccessful nominations will be carried forward to the following year’s competition (one year only). Nominees will have the opportunity to update their nomination package to reflect their latest teaching endeavours towards meeting the criteria for the award.

The adjudication criteria for the Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation are based upon a comprehensive, robust view of teaching that includes in‐class instruction but also takes into account those activities that support teaching that occur outside of the classroom. Please refer to the teaching pillars described above in order to fulfill the nomination expectations.

The Teaching Award Committee will be selected by the Okanagan Provost and Vice-President Academic or their designate, who will further select the members of the committee at their sole discretion. The committee may include past award recipients.

Nominators complete and submit to the Dean of the nominee’s Faculty the Intent to Nominate Form

Nominators complete and submit to the Dean of the nominee’s Faculty the following supporting documents:

  1. Nomination form
  2. Letter of nomination
  3. Selected letters of reference from students and/or colleagues (no more than 6 letters in total)
  4. A letter of support from the nominee’s Head (not needed if nominee’s Head is the nominator)


The nominee will complete and submit to their Dean the following supporting documents:

  1. Teaching philosophy (max. 2 pages)
  2. Personal statement explaining how the criteria is met with specific examples (max. 3 pages)
  3. The nominee’s CV in UBC format edited to explain teaching excellence (no more than 15 pages)
  4. Overview of TEQ/SEOTs highlighting excellence over time (max. 2 pages)

Please refer to the above stated dates for the process deadlines.

  • Nominations exceeding the number of pages suggested in the above sections will not be considered.
  • Nomination packages that are late, incomplete, or not conforming to the guidelines above will not be reviewed by the adjudication committee.
  • The entire nomination package must be submitted electronically to the Provost office at ubco.provost@ubc.ca
  • Hard copies are not required and will not be considered.