Outstanding Instructor Award

The UBC Okanagan Outstanding Instructor Award recognizes exemplary instructors within each Faculty for their teaching over the past three years, with emphasis on the most recent academic year, based on an assessment of their teaching conducted by the Faculty in which they are appointed. Recipients will receive a certificate of recognition from the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, and an invitation to the annual UBC Okanagan Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

Award Criteria

Faculties may consider the following criteria when selecting their nominees:

  • Strong evidence of student-centric, excellent learning experiences. This evidence may be from Student Experience of Instruction (SEI) and other student feedback, Thank-A-Prof references, peer evaluations, and recognitions from other awards.
  • Depending on Faculty teaching context and priorities, instructors demonstrating teaching in multiple environments including large courses, multi-modal teaching, active and experiential learning, and high student engagement and positive student feedback may be preferred.
  • Contributions to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and educational leadership activities are not criteria for the award except as they can be shown to directly benefit student learning.
  • Individual departments and Faculties may refine and weight these criteria as appropriate for their context.

Awards Terms

Number of awards available distributed to Faculties October 26
Faculty and Department adjudication performed October 26 to December 15
Faculties inform the Provost’s Office of their award winners December 15
Award winners publicly announced January 15

Any faculty member with a continuing tenured or tenure-track appointment or lecturer who was a course instructor during the prior academic year, including summer session. Sessional instructors are evaluated separately with one Outstanding Instructor award for each Faculty. An instructor is eligible for the award only if they have not previously received the award in the past two years.

  • The department and/or Faculty can determine their own processes for considering and
    adjudicating the awards for eligible faculty or sessional lecturers.
  • Each Faculty must submit the following information  electronically to the Provost office:
    • Name of nominee
    • Nature of appointment (rank, department/school, faculty)
    • 250-word description of why the nominee has been selected for the award