Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

Series of UBCO events to discuss housing, homelessness and more

According to census data from Statistics Canada, in Kelowna alone there are some 3,000 people considered at high risk of homelessness—with another 1,900 identifying as transitionally, episodically or chronically homeless.

Future of Health Forum focuses on research and innovation in cancer care

With cancer remaining the leading cause of death in BC, the first-ever Future of Health Forum will focus on research, innovation and strides to improve outcomes for all cancer patients.

UBC event explores environmental histories of South Asia

If we want to save the planet from climate change, how do we protect the environmental histories of South Asian cultures?

UBC study finds health isn’t the only issue with bacteria growth

Microorganisms growing inside aging buildings and infrastructure are more than just a health issue, according to new research from UBC Okanagan.

UBC event highlights nature’s role in government infrastructure

Natural assets and the ecosystem services they provide are a fundamental part of local government infrastructure. When properly managed, natural assets such as forests, wetlands and green spaces have many advantages over engineered infrastructure—including being less expensive to operate and maintain.