Proposed program prepares grads to navigate intercultural communications opportunities in a changing world

UBC Okanagan students will have new opportunities to flourish in an increasingly interconnected environment with the proposed Bachelor of Arts Major in World Literatures and Intercultural Communication. Drawing on intercultural learning and international awareness fostered by the study of literature from a global perspective, this program will prepare graduates to meet the growing demand for intercultural communications across all industries.

Graduates of this program will gain:

  • Increased capacity to communicate across cultural differences
  • Written communication skills with knowledge and awareness of cultural context
  • Critical awareness of other cultures, and critical self-awareness with respect to their own culture
  • Ability to recognize and explain the importance of local territory, positionality and privilege in taking action towards reconciliation
  • Skills in active listening, critical thinking and judgement, complex problem solving, coordination and time management
  • and more!


Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication  (Year 1)
  • Introduction to Decolonization: Indigenous Studies (Year 1)
  • Introduction to Management Thought and Social Responsibility (Year 1)
  • Introduction to World Literatures (Year 2)
  • Creative Communication and Engagement (Year 2)
  • Cross-cultural Travel Narratives (Year 3)
  • Indigenous Peoples United Nations and Global Issues (Year 4)
  • Community Service Learning (Year 4)


Provide a letter of support

Would your organization benefit from graduates with these skills? The Office of the Provost is collecting letters of support for the program from industry and businesses to complement the proposal for Ministry approval.

  • Could graduates with these skills make an impact in your workplace?
  • Would you hire these graduates if you had the funding?
  • What excites you the most about this program?

Download the Letter of Support Template


For questions or additional information, please contact:

Laura Prada
Senior Manager, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning

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