Different together: Can we make it happen?

Different together: Can we make it happen?

On June 11th, 2020 the UBC community joined together for a conversation inspired by the global anti-racism protests and BC’s #DifferentTogether pledge


Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here:



Following the webinar the UBC Okanagan Equity and Inclusion Office put together a list of resources for those looking to take further action, some of which were mentioned by the panelists during the webinar.


Documentaries About Black History to Educate Yourself With


Web Resources

Black Lives Matter

White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun



How to Be an Antiracist
By: Ibram X. Kendi

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
Written by: Robin DiAngeloMichael Eric Dyson – foreword

The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities
By Frances HenryEnakshi DuaCarl E. JamesAudrey KobayashiPeter LiHoward Ramos, and Malinda S. Smith

Racism in the Canadian University: Demanding Social Justice, Inclusion, and Equity
Edited by Frances Henry and Carol Tator

Mapping violence, naming life: a history of anti-Black oppression in the higher education system
Jalil Bishop Mustaff


The events of the past couple of weeks have brought into light the pervasiveness of anti-Black racism, and inspired strong waves of activism for a just society. This is a moment of historic change. Here in Canada and around the world we are witnessing powerful movements against racism. This forum brings us together to share our thoughts about this time and the potential for shaping our collective futures at UBC and beyond. Centering the voices of students and impacted community members, the forum gives us a window into the grief and the liberating potential of this moment.

The event will open with remarks from The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. She has recently launched the #DifferentTogether pledge on Twitter, a pledge from which we have drawn inspiration for this event. We will follow with remarks from four panelists, after which the floor will be opened for questions and discussion.  



Jane Udochi, 2nd year Arts Student & President of the UBC Okanagan African Caribbean Student Club

Jane was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was motivated to join the ACSC because it provided a space where her culture is celebrated and it gave her a space to meet others who celebrated their cultures as well.




Binta Sesay, 2nd year International Relations Major & Equity and Inclusion Assistant in the UBCO Equity and Inclusion Office. 

Binta spent the last academic year as an executive member of the African Caribbean Student Club. Binta passionately advocates for women’s rights and the awareness of Black students’ experience on campus amongst others. Her goal is to make the campus a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for all marginalized groups.


Ananya Mukherjee Reed, Provost and Vice President Academic UBC Okanagan

Ananya has a doctoral degree in Political Economy & Public Policy from the University of Southern California and her scholarly work has sought to contribute to theories of alternative development, with a focus on the theme of justice.



Ainsley Carry, Vice-President, Students UBC

Ainsley Carry joined UBC in 2019 and is responsible for the student portfolio. He is a three time graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his Bachelors degree, Masters degree, and Doctorate of Educational Leadership. In his 25 years of experience in an academic environment, Carry has led a number of institutional initiatives including efforts to combat sexual misconduct, prevent hazing, and respond to campus protests



Perpetuah Muthui, Inclusion Action Plan, Strategist Equity & Inclusion Office, UBC Okanagan

Perpetuah (Pep) is a passionate advocate for designing workplaces and communities that are inclusive and that empower members to be creative and innovative with over fifteen years’ experience within various industries in Canada and Africa.

Currently Pep is the Inclusion Action Plan Strategist working closely with the Provost’s Office and part of the Equity & Inclusion Office Team at UBC Okanagan. Pep’s focus is on the implementation and evaluation of policies, programs and initiatives, with the aim of embedding equity and inclusion across the Okanagan campus.

Opening remarks

The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

The Honourable Janet Austin was sworn in as the province’s 30th Lieutenant Governor in 2018 and represents Her Majesty at the provincial level.

During her term, Her Honour’s goal is to use her position to shine a light on contemporary social issues and help create positive societal change and improve the lives of British Columbians. Her Honour has identified the three distinct areas of focus for her term; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Democracy and Civic Engagement, and Reconciliation.

Deborah Buszard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, UBC Okanagan

Professor Buszard has served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor since 2012. She was born in the U.K. and received her PhD from the University of London. Her current research interests include institutional innovation and sustainability. In addition to her academic work she is active in her profession and as a volunteer, including serving on the Campaign Cabinet for the United Way, Okanagan region; as Chair of the Board of Vanier College in Montreal; and as President of the Canadian Society for Horticultural Science.


Closing remarks

Ali Poostizadeh, President UBC Okanagan Student Union

Ali Poostizadeh, 5th year Student, President of the Students Union of UBC Okanagan and former President of the WUSC Student Refugee Program.

Ali is passionate about racial equity, women’s rights, human rights, and poverty eradication. His goal is to spend the coming year working with campus partners to make UBCO a leader in equity and inclusivity for all marginalized groups. Following graduation, Ali hopes to pursue a career in the legal field with a focus on civil and human rights.

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