Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is the freedom to pursue fruitful avenues of inquiry, to teach and learn unhindered.


UBC’s Academic Calendar contains the current Senate-approved (1976) statement on academic freedom, outlining the positive obligations on the university, and all its members, to promote and protect this central freedom of the academy.

In July 2016, the Office of the Provost appointed Dr. Neil Guppy as Senior Advisor on Academic Freedom. Dr. Guppy works to advance the centrality of academic freedom to our various missions, and develops educational materials for the university community in the support and protection of academic freedom. He reports to the Provosts on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.


One of Dr. Guppy’s first tasks was to draft a brief history of academic freedom at UBC, which can be found here.


The Honourable Lynn Smith, QC authored the most recent report on academic freedom written for the university. It can be found here.

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