Proposals Underway

The development of a new program, particularly those in concept and viability stage is a dynamic process where the end goal is a program that meets the needs of the changing academic environment. As a result of this program details of the below programs have the potential to change.

Professional Master’s Health Technology

The program will provide professional, interdisciplinary training to engineers and kinesiologists in the health technology sector. The proposed program focus relates to applications of human factors for Industry 4.0.

Professional Master’s Data-Centric Engineering

In general, this program will provide further data science education to engineers and/or computer scientists. The program’s focus is currently in development.

Design, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Certificate

This program will explore topics related to design, innovation, creativity, manufacturing engineering, and technology concepts, with an emphasis on ideation, rapid prototyping, and social and sustainable entrepreneurship, situated in contemporary, global issues and concerns. 

Communications and Rhetoric Minor

Building upon the certificate, a minor will allow students to strengthen their communication skills by completing 15 more credits in selected courses.

Master of Management (MM): Dual Degree

This program will allow any student entering any undergraduate program at UBC to earn their undergraduate and MM degrees in an accelerated time-frame. Administered by the Faculty of Management and reflecting different modes of knowing and interdisciplinary, its content focuses on organizational behaviour, social change, community development, global context, and the empowerment of individuals.

World Literatures and Intercultural communication Major and minor

Using an innovative pedagogical paradigm shift to a plurilingual/pluricultural model, this major will offer literature courses centred in key intercultural research and hybrid language/literature courses in a wide variety of world languages. The major will include experiential learning opportunities such as community service learning, practicum courses, and a directed research course.

Bachelor of Sustainability

The degree will provide students with appropriate breadth and rigour to critically assess and propose solutions to contemporary sustainability challenges, such as climate, environmental degradation, pollution, energy use, policy, human well-being, and social and economic inequality in British Columbia and the world.

Re-design of the Human Kinetics degree

The School of Health and Exercise Sciences has completed a comprehensive review of the current Bachelor of Human Kinetics. Based on students, community, and faculty members’ feedback, the degree will offer a new concentration on Clinical Exercise Physiology, offer re-designed courses, and change it’s name to a Bachelor of Health and Exercise Science for international recognition.