Faculty Resources

UBC Okanagan Guiding Principles for Fall 2020 Course Adaptations

This web resource provides guidance and suggestions for designing and teaching courses online. The resource is adapted from and builds upon the UBC Vancouver Campus publication,  “Guiding Principles for Fall 2020 Course Adaptions”. We respectfully acknowledge our UBC Vancouver colleagues’ work, and thank them for providing this resource in an open format.


Learning Design Intern Program: A Companion Site

This resource was created to document and share the overall approach and content used to support the training and professional development of graduate students engaged in UBC Okanagan’s Learning Design Intern (LDI) Program.  This program provides graduate students with intensive training in the fundamentals of learning design in the context of blended learning, followed by a work experience in which they supported faculty members who are adapting their courses for blended delivery.

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Blended Teaching Studio Classrooms

Come to campus to pre-record lectures, videos, and other multimedia to enhance your online teaching. The classrooms in Library are well-equipped, distraction-free spaces designed to help you produce high-quality learning content for your course. Bring your own laptop, or use one of the Windows PCs provided. Onsite IT assistance is available.