Learning Spaces

The Provost’s Office leads initiatives that deliver on UBC’s strategy Inspiring Spaces: Creating welcoming physical and virtual spaces to advance collaboration, innovation and community development.



Effective and Inclusive Learning Spaces 

Thoughtful and deliberate strategies around the design and use of learning spaces on the Okanagan campus is one of 20 new pilot projects that received funding as part of the university’s commitment to implementing the new strategic plan in its first year. This initiative seeks to support the enhancement of one classroom per year for the next three years in order to create effective and inclusive learning spaces for face-to-face instruction, inter-campus courses, internationalization of courses by virtually bringing in global experts, and more.

Classroom ART 104 is currently under renovations to create an active learning space with design and technology to support effective teaching and learning for students. This project specifically addresses Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces, as well as Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence.

MakerSpace UBCO

As an open space where anyone is able to learn, hone, and foster thinking, prototyping, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial skills, makerspace UBCO is about conceptualization and making of tangible representations of ideas. These skills are at the core of successful innovation, and makerspace UBCO provides a space for all members of the UBC Okanagan community to come together and imagine the future.

Inclusive of all faculty, students, and staff, and encouraging members across disciplinary and community contexts, this facilitated, supportive environment provides access to a diverse tool suite — including 3D printers, CNC milling machines, sewing machines, and simple hand tools — that help people bring their ideas to life. This project specifically addresses Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces and Strategy 14: Interdisciplinary Education.

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