Consideration of Appointment Extension

Faculty of Applied Science

A President’s Advisory Committee has been established with a mandate to advise the President on an extension of appointment for Dr. James Olson as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science. The Advisory Committee may also advise the President on matters of future priorities for the Faculty. See UBC Policy AP8, “Deans Extension Policy.”

An external review of the Faculty was conducted in October by a team of distinguished colleagues, as the first step in the process to consider Dr. Olson’s extension of appointment. To assist in informing that process, we wrote to the Faculty, members of the senior administration, and to stakeholders in the external community, to seek feedback on matters that the review team was tasked with examining. In advance of the site visit, the review team was provided with the unit’s self-study documentation, together with comments from the community. The team participated in an intensive series of meetings from October 17-19, 2022. We received the External Review Report and released it to the Dean. The Dean was asked to prepare a Response to the External Review Report.

Both reports are available for your review: