Welcome to the Kaltura Cloud!

We’re excited to share that the Kaltura Cloud Migration is now complete! Thank you for your patience as the LT Hub team migrated 180,000 Kaltura videos over the month of April.

What does this mean for me?

  1. You can access and manage your Kaltura videos through the new Teaching & Learning Media Portal at learning.media.ubc.ca or via Canvas.
  2. Over the next seven days, Kaltura embedded links in Canvas courses will be automatically updated to reflect their new home in the cloud.
  3. Links to Kaltura videos embedded outside of Canvas will need to be manually updated by Fall 2023.

We know that dealing with technology changes can be stressful. We are happy to answer questions and help guide you through the process.

  • Contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning helpdesk at ctl.helpdesk@ubc.ca as your first point of contact;
  • If you require further assistance, contact LT Hub at LT.hub@ubc.ca or 604 827 4775 or visit the LT Hub online for weekday drop-in support.
  • Additionally, you can register for a Kaltura workshop, held at noon on variable dates each month. These one-hour introductory sessions will delve into the features available in the Kaltura cloud.

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